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AUGUST Multi-sports camps Week 2 - 26/08/2024 to 30/08/2024

AUGUST Multi-sports camps Week 2 - 26/08/2024 to 30/08/2024

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(If you have chosen the daily option, ( Per Day ) you can specify the exact days your child will participate in camp in the Order special instructions, in your Shopping Cart.)

From: Monday 26 august 2024
Until: Friday 30 august 2024


☀️ Outdoor


➕  Indoor facilities in case of bad weather 🌧



We offer our Miracle Child Care 🧒 as an extra so we can welcome your children a couple of hours earlier in the morning before our camps start. We will also look after them a couple of hours after our camps in the afternoon. For £30 per day or £90 per week, we can welcome children as early as 08:30 in the morning and up until 17:30 in the afternoon.

Throughout the week, the activities are selected by the coaches, who undoubtedly take into consideration the children's preferences and requests. With their extensive experience working with children, they are dedicated to introducing them to all of our new games and activities.

On Thursdays, we have the pleasure of organizing a day with a very special theme, that of the famous French TV show "KOH-LANTA." The children are divided into teams or tribes. Throughout the day, they compete in various sports challenges, contests, and tasks, tailored to their age group. To conclude the day on a high note, there is the famous "Poteaux" challenge, reimagined and adapted for their age.

On Fridays, our thematic day is titled "Olympic Games." Once again, the children are divided into teams, often choosing names of cities or countries. They then engage in various collective games and individual challenges, such as sprinting, relay races, handball and basketball matches, vortex throwing, and soccer matches. To conclude this eventful day, there is an awards ceremony to congratulate them for their participation and efforts


Primary - Program Sample

For secondary school children, our camps are a bit more organised around a wide variety of sport activities like frisbee, baseball, dodgeball, football or tennis while keeping core activities like yoga, fitness or orienteering too.

Secondary - Program Sample


This is open to all children aged between 4 and 15 years old. Your children will embark on a training schedule with us, regardless of their levels in the respective sports, and will enjoy improving their skills amongs a wondersul team of other children their age.


The focus of this program is not soley Sports, rather educating them about crucial life skills such as teamwork, consideration of others, self-discipline, and how to attain their potential in sports and life.


Safety and security are a crucial concern of holicamp. Regular backgroud checks are conducted on all our staff and coaches, who are highly trained on how to maintain a safe and inclusive space for your children.

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