What is the program?

Every morning we will be ready to welcome the participants at 09:45 at our collection point and we will be finishing the day at around 15:15 in the afternoon. Find more information about dropping/collecting your kids further down this page.


What about if I need more flexibility?

We offer our Miracle Child Care as an extra so we can welcome your children a couple of hours earlier in the morning (8:30am until 9:30am) before our camps start. We will also look after them a couple of hours after our camps in the afternoon (15:15pm until 17:30pm). See our homepage for more details.


Multi-sports camps

Every week our program is different and can be adjusted depending on various things like the weather, the children, the attendance for example ; but here is a downloadable version of a typical program for primary school children, take a peek!

Primary - Program Sample

For secondary school children, our camps are a bit more organised around a wide variety of sport activities like frisbee, baseball, dodgeball, football or tennis while keeping core activities like yoga, fitness or orienteering too.

Secondary - Program Sample

Football camps

For children who are willing to really focus on improving their football skills and unlock their full potential within different groups, we also provide special football camps!

This is open to all children aged between 6 and 15 years old. The program of the week is bespoke and based on each participant’s abilities so we can see the best results.

Our head coach Ibrahim will be your “football director” during these camps and they will take place at same time and same locations. All of our football coaches work with children of all ages. Your children will embark on a training schedule with us, regardless of their levels, and will enjoy improving their football technique in no time.


What about lunch breaks? 🥪 🍎 🥤

Every day we’ll have a half an hour lunch break between 12pm - 12:30pm but unfortunately we don’t provide lunch yet. A cold packed lunch will have to be prepared by the family and brought to the camp.


Do I need to drop and collect my kid(s)?

For primary school children, yes! For obvious security reasons, we require an adult to be mentioned during each booking, including names and contact number, in order for our team to know who is responsible to collect them after each camp. Similar to a check-in/check-out process, we will require a signature from each adult dropping/collecting kids from the camp.

However, for secondary school children, we believe they are old enough to use public transports and/or walk to and from the meeting point, every day. If you still prefer to drop and collect them, this is absolutely fine too but we won’t require any personal details about the adult who is going to be doing so.



Please do not to forget to include the specified program, location, and area you prefer for your kids coaching when requesting a quote!